20 martie 2015

The Canadian Francophone Experience

5 comentarii:

  1. Propaganda! Atentie mare!

  2. Nu ati mai primit nici o veste de la Biroul de Emigrari? Mama....aveti sanse mari sa petreceti si anul 2015 tot in Romania? Cat naiba mai dureaza procesul asta de emigrare? E bataie de joc....sincer....deja ai depasit 4 ani de asteptare ...hmmmm.....

    1. nimic nimic....deja ma hotarat sa o luam pe alta cale....luna viitoare plecam in Anglia...si de acolo mai vedem

  3. Me and my wife want to migrate to get into Canada. After doing some research we concluded that it will be much easier if at least one of us has a job. We also know that it will take a lot of effort to find a job so we don't want to waste time and only look for jobs for the one of us who has a profession that is more likely to have jobs for in Canada. I work as an agricultural engineer and my wife works in bank analyst. Any suggestions which area we should focus on?

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